Natural Herbs

Go Natural

All our products are made from natural ingredients to enrich the skin and add a little luxury to your day!

Our favorites

Nourishing Soap bars

Made from the best natural oils and butters to keep your skin feeling  soft and moisturised


Relaxing Bath Bomb's

Add a fragrant bath bomb for a restful and relaxing experience! Customisable bath bombs are available to suit your style. 

Refreshing Beard Balms & Oils

Beard balms and oils help keep your beard soft and healthy, these have been made especially for the ultimate beard.

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Bath Bombs smell absolutely amazing.. totally recommend these products

— Charlotte

Wow smells amazing! Loved using these bath bombs in the bath

- Kirsty

- Paula

Awesome soaps, made and packaged with care and above and beyond customer service

Simply great product at very reasonable prices. Great stuff d-lyte

- Steve